Chris Hack

BMW Compact Cup #96

Hack Facts

Name: Chris Hack.
Age: 20″something”
Location: Eastbourne, East Sussex.
Likes: Krispy Kremes, Motorsport, Reading, Music, Running, Sim-racing.
Dislikes: Salad – Pure evil. Early mornings.
Music: Pop Punk to Cheesy sing-a-longs. (Foo Fighters to Shania Twain)
Films: Days of Thunder! From action thrillers to chick flicks…
Favourite Track: Brands Hatch.
Favourite Drivers: Jenson Button, Senna, Colin Turkington.
First words: Brum Brum! to the great disappointment of Mum..
Ambition: Ultimate goal is to reach the BTCC TOCA package.

Sim Racing

Chris took a unique but increasingly popular route in to Motorsport via Sim Racing. Having honed his skills in large online grids Chris is well prepared for the chaos of the capacity Compact Cup grid. The Sim continues to prove useful in helping learn new tracks and prepare for each race weekend in advance.


Fast Learner

Chris has always been a fast learner in life and this has transferred to the race track. Coming from a complete lack of experience in his first season he picked up the basics and competed with much more experienced rivals. For 2016 Chris is looking to make a large step forward and make a substantial move up the grid.

Social Media

Growing up in the Social Media generation means Chris has a strong Social Media skill set. These skills have led to a 2000+ strong following across the main Social Networks. This is a huge benefit to sponsors wishing to reach Motorsport fans or increase their Social reach.

Quick fire questions

Tell us a little more about yourself?

I’m a 20 “something” year old guy chasing the dream! I work all week for a Software company so I can spend as many weekends as possible either on track or spectating. Company Directory of a few exciting Motorsport related ventures launching in the near future so a rather busy man these days!

What got you in to racing?

My Mum did! My earliest memories go back to her watching the F1 when I was around 3 or 4. Not long after I was making steering wheels out of anything circular so I could play along, I always won!!
I could steer my ride along toys before I could walk and the dream began when I was let loose on local Go-Kart and Quad Bikes from about 6.
From there I would go Karting as much as possible and ploughed more hours than one should in to racing games progressing up to the serious Simulators back in 2009.

What's your favourite racing moment?

This is a tough one! The first race weekend was very much a blur of nerves and excitement but I’ll never forget sitting on the grid for the first time or crossing the finish line for the first time. Certainly an emotional moment inside the car!
However the epic battles I had towards the end of the year led to me truly feeling like a racing driver so Silverstone and Donington Park races stand out.

How can I start racing?

I’ll write up a nice blog about this soon!
You’ll want to get down to your local track and watch some of the club level series with someone like the 750mc or BRSCC and see what takes your fancy. Get your race license, find a car, find some helpers and then go racing!

How much money do I need to do what you do?

ALL OF IT…or at least most of it.

You will go in to racing with the most careful of budgets and plans but in reality you’ll end up spending everything you can.
As a guide the budgets range in my series from scraping the barrel at around £6k up to some people spending around £20k! I’m much nearer the lower end of the scale.

Racing History

See what led me to where I am now

BMW Compact Cup
2015 – ongoing

My racing debut came in the 2015 season of the BMW Compact Cup. Since then I’ve progressed from having only been on track twice in my life to a regular midfield and edge of the top 10 runner. We know the potential is there for regular top 10s it’s just finding the budget to extract that from the car. Best moment: First top 10 at Rockingham in 2016.

It was early summer 2014 when I decided to seriously take a look at if I could get on track for real. The first step was a very wet ARDS test in the middle of August! Then lots of research. Finally a trip to watch the 750motorclub in action led me to the BMW Compact Cup.

Getting on track

Sim Racing and GoKarting

Sim Racing was where I got my start back in 2009. I eventually progressed to racing in Touring Pro Series against the biggest names in sim racing and real life racers including Stoffel Vandoorne. Finally winning a championship here gave me the desire to see if I could ‘hack it’ in the real World.