I thought this week would realllllllly drag coming up to my first test in the car on Sunday at Brands but alas with so much to do it has disappeared! Might have been helped by the mix of nerves and excitement I’ve been feeling also..

Had more deliveries this week than I normally get in a few months with various bits for the car and myself arriving. Shopping list has included VBox data logger, oils and fluids for the car, novice cross, brake pads and various useful items for garage/paddock use.

Keeping a close eye on the weather forecast currently as there is still a thread of snow for tomorrow so I’m hoping this doesn’t hit us too badly and give us any trouble travelling up Sunday morning! Or I’ll have a sulk. Main hope is for some dry running on Sunday so I can get settled in a bit easier than having to deal with the lack of grip on these brand new tyres in the wet!

We won’t be out to push or attack much on Sunday! Just trying to learn as much as we can on and off the track and get me some confidence.  Perfect result would be feeling I’ve made some progress personally and having no big problems running the car in. Got some good plans together for plenty of on-board footage and some footage of goings on in the garage that we’ll be making in to plenty of follow up videos so look out for these appearing in the next few weeks!

So. Tomorrow the car gets some love. Sunday I should be screaming round a track (possibly literally) and then watching the Super Bowl before some wrapping up footage and de-brief on Monday. Can’t wait! The first weekend of playing racing driver starts…….NOW.