BMW Compact Cup

About the BMW Compact Cup

The BMW Compact Cup was born back in 2011 by Paul and currently runs with the BRSCC. With a great mix of good value, massive grids, top talent and close racing the BMW Compact Cup has marked itself out as THE club racing championship to be in.

Using the BME E36 318ti Compact a BMW Compact Cup car can be built with a budget of between £4-5K making it extremely accessible. With the regulations sticking to the ethos of budget racing there are very few expensive modifications allowed to the Cup cars to keep the costs down for all.


The only permitted BMW Compact Cup engine is the BMW M44 1.9 16v. All internal engine parts must be from the M44.


The mandatory BMW Compact Cup suspension is the GAZ Gold Compact Cup (402R) specification coilovers. Control Eibach spring kit and Gaz front adjustable top mounts.


Nankang NS2R (180 Compound) on 15″ x 7″ or 15″ x 7.5″ wheels. Maximum of 16 tyres per competitior for the season.


Discs may be standard or standard pattern must be of standard diameter and thickness and may be cross-drilled or grooved. Standard E36 318 Ti M44 Compact brake callipers must be used.


Standard gearbox must be retained. BMW quick shift gear change is permitted. Standard gearbox ratios must be retained. Final drive ratio must be 3.38:1.BMW Compact Cup
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