A few days ago I got home and waited for the opportune moment before coming out with “hey muuuuuum, guesssssss what I did today….” she looked rather suspicious. Told her I’d ordered my Go Racing pack and what this meant. She looked a little concerned but impressed I’d actually taken some decisive action for once!!

So let’s rewind some 20 years or so to get the history…

My first memories all revolve around being sat in front of the television watching Formula 1 in 1993 with a pretend steering wheel (I always won the race, obviously) with my mum.

Let’s go to 1994 and being in uncontrollable tears when I heard about Senna. It was a big deal for a 5 year old. It was the first F1 race I had missed since I started watching so held a grudge for a few years…

Now let’s jump forward some more. Teenage years and early twenties. Countless hours spent on the local go kart circuits with friends, against eachother, team endurance races, you name it we did it. We were pretty good at it which led to a nice little trophy shelf, even earning one with a broken hand!

One day I stumbled across a game called rfactor and with this a journey through simracing began in 2009. Very quickly I had purchased myself a wheel and began lapping away in random public servers and against the AI. But then i found league racing and everything changed! REAL PEOPLE. Real competition, communication and countless hours spent laughing at eachother. Fairly quickly I found myself racing towards the front of fields at Race2Play and went on to many victories and a few championships. Due to work and trying to stay sociable really gets in the way of those championship runs! I met some great people on the way and eventually raced somewhere called the Touring Pro Series against some serious sim racers and real drivers!! Stoffel Vandoorne!!! (McLaren reserve driver) and Florian Strauss (GT academy winner) to name a few. Towards the end of my first season there I managed to get a first podium and was on cloud 9! Learning a lot of race craft on the way through, a few seasons later I would finally take my first victory after getting close on too many painful occasions. Another followed straight after and then a title run.

Let’s come back to recent times.

So I’m sat at work thinking….would it be crazy to have a go at this for real?! probably. Could I actually afford to make this happen?!?! A quick look at the savings said quite possibly. Am i GOING to make this happen? HELL YES.

So this is it. The first step has been taken. The MSA Go Racing pack is in my possession and I have my medical booked. From there it’s hopefully a simple matter of passing my ARDS test and starting the long process of deciding what to race.

I hope you’ll follow me on this ridiculous journey, i’ll be learning a lot and making a 20 year old dream a reality.

Money spent so far: £100