We’re almost at the end of my first ever off-season! It’s been a long and busy Winter mainly spent recovering financially from last season! Now it’s nearly time to blow it all away again doing that thing we love the most – trying to drive round oddly shaped circles really really fast!

I should apologise for being rather slack with my lack of blogging over the Winter but in my defence I’ve been slaving away creating a number of new websites, including this one! Talking of which do you like the new site?! I hope so. Did I mention I slaved on it forEVER? I did. Praise me. Please? But serious, feedback will be greatly appreciated!

So what’s been going on over this long weekend at Hack HQ to prepare for the 2016 season? Nothing too exciting! The car was left up with the Routec guys over Winter and received a little bit of TLC but no major improvements due to a lack of spare pennies. Though the overheating issues that appeared at Donington should have been fixed along with the battery issues which should make things less stressful in assembly area and post race checks, rather than creating Lake Hack again! With the team taking care of the car work I’ve mainly been focused on planning some new projects that’ll hopefully launch soon, creating this new site and doing some fitness work! It’s just unfortunate that Easter came not long before the season started and well….ruined that a little. But it’d be extremely rude not to eat the Easter eggs people buy you wouldn’t it! So I had to do it. Honest. It’s ok because I checked the other day and I DO still fit in my race suit so it’s allllll good in the hood.

I’ve spent far too many days watching others get out and do pre-season testing over the last month or so getting a little bit jealous but FINALLY my one and only day in the car ahead of race day is nearly here. Over the last week I’ve been putting in a lot of Sim laps using iRacing and Assetto Corsa to get my eye in and have Brands fresh in my mind for Wednesday. Plenty of time has also been spent trawling over YouTube watching on-board footage from last season of the fast guys to try and pick out where I can find time compared to last year! Hoping to make another step forward but I’m aware with so much time out of the car it might take this round to shake the rust off but I’m still hoping to break the top 20 for the first time. Though I’ll still be delighted if I can come away having 2 good clean action packed races with the guys around me, those are the thrills it’s all about at the end of the day!

Now to go and pack my freshly cleaned race suit etc ready for tomorrows full day at Brands!