So the decision to begin the journey has been made, now where to start?! I’ve had plenty of trouble getting to sleep recently, thoughts of different series, website ideas, where shall I do my test?! WHY CAN’T I SLEEP?! going round and round in my head. Makes me an absolute beauty in the mornings…some of my main issues/questions/thoughts/ramblings.

How to deal with my lack of mechanical ability
Ok, so. What are my options?! I consider my mechanical ability and potential to improve this….severely lacking and limited.

Right. Sooooo this is looking like arrive and drive or owner driver support deals! This is obviously more expensive as you’re paying somebody else to do the work for you, but at least they know what they’re doing! (hopefully. Obviously carefully research any team you want to run you if you go this route!!!) So I picked out a few series and sent a few emails out to begin scoping out a vague idea of prices. Worked out I could probably afford 4/5 arrive and drive race weekends a year which would still be some good fun!

Then a thought struck me….Alex is good with cars and quick in Karts, maybe he’d fancy a joint race venture? He said no to the driving but would be up for chief mechanic role! Perfect! Went over his a few days later to check out his progress on the Lotus Elan rebuild, a few games of FIFA (extremely important) and then mentioned what series I’d been starting to look at. He raced off to his computer and hit up google to have a nose at the regs. He started off with Vee and to my surprise was nodding along making encouraging sounds and didn’t seem phased at all…which was good because I barely understood what he was talking about! need to work on that…he had a nose at regs for a few other series but the main thing is. He’s in! So now buying and running own car is a serious option which would increase sponsor opportunities, running time and decrease costs! It’ll also provide some good laughs and probably some tears as we embark on a long journey of learning and getting things wrong!

I want to share my story!
I knew as soon as I decided to do this I wanted to blog it and properly. Also a site would eventually be needed for racing purposes so I mentioned this to my good friend Kev (Stoney) and straight away there was an offer to help and host! Fantastic! The only issue was I’d have to purchase a domain name which meant a decision…not my forte!!! a day a 4 domain name purchases later (gotta cover my bases…) we were good to go. Stoney did all the installation stuff and I was let loose with my theme. First night I made a fair bit of progress but then the rest was more strung out as I found more and more features I wanted to include. I tended to rush my food down at work so I could spend my break mainly working on the site and then I’d always end up tinkering until the early hours on the laptop from bed! Hopefully the site is doing the job and you’re enjoying the experience of getting to the blog!

What series?!
Many Choices. So many. I’ll be aiming for the best cost vs fun I can afford. Formula Vee, MX5, BMW Compacts and similar are all on my radar. Vee is very tempting though.

Fair bit of time has been spent browsing race car sale sites getting an idea on prices for cars sold in the last off season really. Not the time to be buying a car right now…nearer the end of season will be when things come up for sale. With Vee for example it seems you can pick up a half decent starting out car for around £4-5K. Anywhere between £6-9K will get you something that should give you a pretty good starting base and may have even won a race or two! If you’ve got more money than I can currently dream of spending then you can get yourself a proven race winner or a newly built car (though these can cost up to £20K!! for the top current machine available) For the MX5 supercup you’re looking between £8-10K for a second hand race prepped car that’ll give you all you need. Or the cheaper option would be racing Mk1s in the Mazda Cup which is more in the £3-6K range for a decent car. All things to think about! I’ll be keeping a beady eye on sites to see if anything catches my eye and meets my mechanics approval!! Meanwhile if you know anyone selling a Vee or MX5 hit me up with details via the contact page and I’ll buy you a drink.