Time to look like a racing driver! and once again time for my infamous decisiveness to step up……….

Now this process started months again with me staring at Demon Tweeks. I had set myself a budget of around £1500 to get everything and on my first go at filling my virtual basket with “OH SHINY I WANT” I very quickly found myself over 1800!! Cue the internal battle of “…you don’t need to spend the extra £300 on a suit just because it looks slightly cooler”..”BUT BUT”..”stop.” “FINE.”

So I left it a while and began looking at some of the Packages GP Racewear were offering. I managed to convince myself to settle for the more basic packages that would come in around the £450 mark for the Suit, Gloves and boots which wasn’t bad at all! Decided I would wait to make final decision at Autosport so I could see what they looked like in person.

Managed to find a quiet period and tried on a few helmets at the GPR stand with some help from Martin I believe it was who gave good advice and didn’t try to encourage me to spend any extra which is always nice!

Now I knew my helmet size I went and ordered everything later that week to take advantage of the pre-season deals they had going. Made the decision to collect from their Silverstone shop so I could try things on and get advice to check I had the right sizes which turned out to be an extremely good idea!

After a small miscommunication I turned up and the suit I had ordered was out of stock in my size but they had another colour for me to try on so I could ensure I had the correct size. I didn’t. So off my extremely helpful helper Martin went and returned with the next size up…which they had in my colour! It fitted. Result!

Tried on the boots and helmet which both fitted fine so collected it all up and got ready to set off. Decided to take a detour to pick up another set of wheels before heading home to try everything on!

Got home and put alllll my stuff. Luckily it all looked good together and everything fitted However I noticed my helmet didn’t have HANS posts on it and they didn’t seem to be included. Luckily GPR were very quick to sort me out when I phoned them Monday morning so by Tuesday by helmet had HANS posts fitted and was good to go.

Now just to wait a few days to use it all at Brands Hatch..