We’re delighted to announce that a deal has been done involving Performance Support from Routec International Racing for the remaining 3 Rounds of the 2015 season.

When we came in to this we knew at some point it’d be worthwhile to link up with a team and get some experienced hands on the car to point us in the right direction! The Routec guys run plenty of cars in the field including front-runners Simon Roche and Ben Pearson so they certainly know how to make a quick car. Their help has already proved invaluable after a torrid Oulton Park weekend saw the engine give up early in the test day looking to have ended the weekend before it had begun. However a spare engine was on it’s way and they managed to get this fitted over night ready for Chris to head out in the morning test session! Top work.

In addition to the Performance Support they are transporting and preparing the car between races which means the car should be in better hands than ever.  They have already raised some areas for improvements to be carried out that we will tackle throughout the remainder of the Season. It also means the journey up to the circuits will be far less stressful without having to loan and unload the car late at night.

We are hoping to be able to raise the budget to ensure we can head in to the 2016 season with the same or improved levels of support as we climb the grid.