So here we are again, finally in race week! In my usual fashion I’ve managed to just drop my shiny new Nankang tyres off to be fitted 2 days before I need to head up even though I’ve had 6 weeks to get it done!

A lot has been going on since the dramas of Oulton Park. The Routec team came down and picked my car up so I’ve missed having my baby Charlie nearby to go and play with but they’ve been hard at work. The big work was obviously the engine rebuild and this has been completed successfully with a good spell on the dyno proving that she purrs again and has more grunt than before! POWEEER. They’ve also taken over the pre-race prep leading to the brakes getting a good service among some weight reduction around the power steering components. All of this with my shiny new Nankang tyres to bolt on and the setup support throughout the weekend should see the car going better than ever! Hopefully I can work out the best way round Silverstone International quickly and make the most of it.

To check this off the list of tracks driven on will be a biggie, I mean it’s Silverstone! The track I spent many of my younger years watching cars tear round on TV whilst playing along with my pretend steering wheel. Obviously I always won so I’ve got a good record to protect here!

I’m currently keeping a close eye on the weather reports with some dread. It looks like Sunday could end up being mostly if not all dry but somehow, in August, there is HAIL predicted for a period on Sunday! Unbelievable. Will I ever get a completely dry race weekend?! It’s looking dubious. With 44 cars on the grid adding in some slippery conditions will certainly lead to some squeaky bum time! Most the forecasts I’ve seen predict it should be dry in the morning so a likely dry qualifying session followed by some form of damp to wet races. It’ll be interesting…

I’m now bracing myself for the drive up and crawling along the M25 but mostly focusing on what takeaway I should get at the service station. Important decisions…

I’ll be keeping my Facebook and Twitter up to date throughout the race weekend so ensure you are following me on both of those!

Here’s to a better weekend for team #96!