So we pick up after the relief of having had my driving part of the test signed off and then there was a quick debrief with my instructor. He ticked some boxes and wrote down some grades, congratulated me and off he went. The other guys signed on for the ARDs test now arrived and we all took our places around a table to wait for the safety DVD to be shown.

We were shown the first part of the safety DVD before the instructor paused it and very helpfully ran through key points. He highlighted words to look for in the test but also went further than this and gave out advice once we go racing rather than just enough to pass the test which was very useful. Soon enough we had watched the second part of the DVD and once again having a mini review session before sitting our papers.

The papers were handed out, instructions given and off we went! First up was the flags section and like I mentioned in a previous post you HAVE to know these. Perfectly. Flew through these and the instructor was on hand to answer queries, for example how much detail to put in the flag name clarifications and things like that. The flag section you HAD to get 100% right but the test was quite kind. The descriptions matched exactly those given in the book that came with the pack and it was just a case of putting the correct flag colour and if it was waved or stationary next to them. I flew through this with ease and moved on to the multiple choice part of the paper. Here is where there were comedy moments.

This part of the test I think you could probably scrape through purely using common sense but it was definitely worth having gone through the safety DVD a few times. An example of the questions could be…”you drop your helmet and crack it, do you a) sell it to another competitor b) paint over any damage c) throw it away and buy a new one d) do nothing, they are designed to take impacts. There were also some genius answer choices of “grab your mobile and give autosport a call to let them know what happened” and “panic!”

We all finished our tests will within the time limits and handed them over to the instructor who marked them there and then for us and we had all passed with flying colours! wheeey.

I could have shot off nice and early but decided to hang round and chatted with one of the other guys on the test and the instructor about what we might end up racing and the challenges ahead. Watched a bit of the ongoing trackday from the dry inside before making my way home with my application form all signed and stamped!

Now I could claim to be a racing driver.