Doctor Jones Doctor Jones Calling Doctor Jones….Wake up now!

Sorry If I’ve got THAT Aqua song stuck in your head now. I’m not sorry really. It’s been stuck in my head and they say sharing is caring so, you’re welcome! A-Yippy-Yii-Oohoo A-Yippy-Yi-YEAH.

Right then, I needed a medical!

Where do I go?
A quick bit of research showed me that prices would vary anywhere between 50 and 150 pounds for this service and you do NOT have to go to your own doctor, you can shop around. For ease I went with my local Doctors and a quick call to them told me I’d have to pop in and fill in a form and then they’ll send me through an appointment. Ok. Snuck off work 5 minutes early so I could make it before they shut and got through the door with about 3 minutes to spare! Filled in my form, told of the cost…£120!!!! and they had no idea how long the wait time would be and that was that. Got a call back to tell me it would be the following week so that was speedy!

What do they do to you?!
Well my experience starting with handing over my cash at reception and taking my seat in the waiting room. As time went on I was getting a bit nervous, not least in case my hopes would be crushed by some medical condition I was unaware of but mainly due to the amount of old people surrounding me coughing and spluttering. I could feel the germs wanting me. Thankfully within a few minutes my name was called – they must be more prompt when you’re paying them! Followed the doctor I had been assigned in to his room and he took a look at the form to see what was required. Quick walk through to another room for the eye test. You require 6/6 vision for the license which is what ‘normal’ eyesight can see from 6 metres. My score was a 6/4 which means I can see from 6 metres what average site can see from 4 metres so this is more than enough! Quick colour test, flick through of a book with numbers that will disappear if you’re colour blind, that was simple! Quick weight and height check. Blood pressure…mine was in the average range for my age group albeit the slightly higher end of average but more than safe. Questions about head injuries, psychiatric history and things like that which were all clear for me. Then a quick pee in a cup and wait a few minutes which came back all clear! Probably took a good 15 minutes or so in total, maybe slightly more. £120 feels like a lot for this but at least it gives a clean bill of health and that important part of the form filled out, hopefully correctly…

Though it appears my doctor forgot to put the practice stamp on there so i’ll need to pop back in before sending my form off! Now I can safely book my test..

Spent so far: £220