You may have noticed I’d been slacking off rather a lot recently on the blogging material and I can finally bring you the reason why. Not only has playing at being a racing driver taken up a fair bit of time but this brand new look website has taken over! My infamous indecisiveness struck with being near ready to launch only to completely overhaul the Theme and start again but I’m really pleased with the result. I must thank my friends at Ezibiz-Online Ltd who have been a great help along the way in keeping me on the right track with advice, tips and investigating small issues here and there. Stars! If you can’t face doing your website yourself or need a helping hand I can certainly recommend getting in touch.

So what’s new you may ask!

Facebook Comments: You can now comment on my posts via your facebook account so please do so! This should be nice and easy rather than having to create a disquss account like before.

News Section: I now have a dedicated section for Official news posts as and when they come up. You’ll be able to find Announcements regarding new partners, driver tuition dates and future plans in that section.

Media Galleries: There are now plenty of action shots of me on track that you can find under the Media tab. Lots of these shots are courtesy of Total B.S Photography who has been providing great pictures so far this season. Available Galleries will soon expand to include photo shoots, Video galleries and Press Releases.

Calendar Page: Finally somewhere you can easily go to find out where I’m racing and when! Find all the race dates and all the information you could need. Circuit address, Website, Links to the TV Coverage, Results and Ticket links. There’s no excuse to not get yourself down to a race weekend now!

Now I must get back on with the blogging! I have lots of interesting posts drafted out so over the next few weeks expect lots of new content. So please keep checking back here and keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for links to new posts.