Silverstone was FANTASTIC. The track and facilities are great! The showers aren’t even communal. I had nearly the whole gang along to support which always adds to the weekend experience for me. We had gone for the “luxury” of a snoozebox for the weekend which was certainly a (mainly positive) experience! Then I even got my name mentioned and the car some good coverage on TV! Would have been great exposure if there was a nice logo on the door…

Now if you’re a new racer like myself then I really can’t recommend getting on track at Silverstone enough! The unique combination of high speed, wide track and large run-off areas really help in the search for finding the limits of the car (and yourself). I wish I had been there sooner as I’m confident that what I’ve taken away is going to make me faster everywhere now. All these positives even before considering the feeling when you leave the amazing Wing pitlane and join the track for the first time. The same track you’ve watched on TV for years and years. You have a brief ‘oh MAN’ moment before heading off to attack the first hairpin and you’re away! Seriously. Book it up!

So far I’ve just been enjoying knowing I’m acting out this dream I’ve had since I was 4 years old but Silverstone was different. It was the moment I finally felt like a racing driver! I literally bounced out of the car afterwards full of joy in search of the guys I’d spent the whole race battling with. That grin stayed firmly planted until reality slapped me across the face upon being rudely awoken by my Monday morning alarms. I wont’ be making that mistake again as Monday at work was horrible! Already booked it off after the Donington finale…

Looking back I was on my best form by a long way at Silverstone! Although the result didn’t show it due to an early pit stop in Race 1 my wet weather pace was good enough to run 15th on track once I rejoined! This has really boosted my confidence for the next time it rains, although being able to see at the start would be nice! The highlight of my weekend and short career was definitely Race 2. The whole race was spent fighting for positions, making overtakes and chasing people down! This was all great fun and fantastic experience. I’m now far more confident on where people actually are around me and comfortable running much closer together.

It was also the first time I’ve had a weekend free of Camera or memory card issues which is great news! This has meant that I’ve been able to analyse my driving compared to others that have posted their videos and already know some places I can improve next time out. This also means content for my Youtube channel! So as an extra bonus if you got this far on the blog here’s my action packed on-board footage from Race 2.

Big thanks go out to the guys at Routec International Racing again for preparing and transporting the car…and the repaired engine!! Secondly to my very supporting girlfriend who keeps putting up with the race weekend adventures (and weather…just about!) and to my mum for bringing the family up to watch. Very pleased that I put on my best show so far with them there to see! The majestic Preston duo were stars turning up during qualifying, getting some good photos and being there in the pouring rain to jump start the car in the assembly area! And the trip round Silverstone to get me fuel.

I’m really going to up my blogging game again now, PROMISE.

Silverstone 1