Hello! SO as you know I let the blogging slip whilst I was getting the new site ready but I’M BACK.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be creating a lot of new content for the blog ranging from ‘Preparing for a race weekend’, ‘What actually goes on at a race weekend’, ‘Lessons learned so far’ to a section about ‘Race fitness’ (don’t laugh!).

The last time we left off was way back just after the first test day at Brands Hatch. Since then there was the Donington pre-season day and more importantly my first two race weekends which have all been fantastic experiences! You can check out my Official Race Reports to find out how they went in detail.

I’m currently sat here at home getting jealous of pictures appearing from the guys up at Croft and following the action on live timing! All of the sad facing. This is the first time I’ve sat out a race weekend and I don’t like it one bit. Nope. Definitely not the same! Two race weekends in and I obviously have the bug. Instead I’ve been glued to the TV watching Motorsport all weekend…Monaco and the Indy 500 on the same day relieves the pain slightly. I think it’ll be the Sunday Roast later on that really makes me forget the feels though!

My focus is currently on preparing for Oulton Park and writing a Birthday list/making plans to actually do something for it! So far for Oulton Park I have already booked up my Friday test day, purchased a few bits to give the car some loving and am trying to squeeze in another bit of track time in June. I’ll write more about the preparations over the coming weeks but for now I need to go and chill with my food coma! Must go for a run tomorrow…