So I’ve been spending my web time trying to build up some new websites and thus once again I’m apologising for neglecting my blog! From now on I’m going to absolutely NAIL this. You’ll see. I promise you another post after testing tomorrow…if I don’t fall asleep!

Right now I’m just chilling in the hotel with whatever E4 throws at me on in the background and making sure I have everything ready for tomorrow…well I was then decided I should probably finally actually publish something! You won’t believe the amount of drafts I have saved on here…

If you’re coming along on Sunday then I suggest you start doing your sun dance! There is a chance of changeable weather (which would definitely make things interesting) but I know how much nicer the day out is when you stay dry! Last time we were here I think we had every season in one day.

Silverstone 1

Silverstone 2015: The boat race

Before I curl up for my beauty sleep I’m going to watch some videos from Silverstone last year just to keep them in my head overnight. Maybe I’ll dream the perfect lap?! I need to work it out somehow! It’s going to be a tough weekend being such a power track and my much maligned lack of grunt from the engine. I guess tomorrow on the test day will give me an idea of where I might end up but I think if I can get in or near the top 20 it’ll be a relatively successful day.

I switched back to Asetto Corsa for my sim prep this week which has taken a back seat to iracing for the majority of this season. However I did use AC when I got my first top 10 at Rockingham so maybe it’s a good sign! I’ve also spent a lot of time studying other peoples on-boards from last year and my own to work out where I was losing time so I have a set focus tomorrow. Hopefully going in with a plan will serve me well!

I’m determined to end this season on some kind of high. I know that I’m unlikely to get a great result due to the nature of the circuit but I’ll know in myself how I was driving come the end of the day. I really don’t know if I’ll be back next year so I’m going to make sure I enjoy every moment of this weekend and get the most out of myself!

Sorry this is short and sweet but I need to get some more video research in and then my beauty sleep! I WILL fill you all in on my test day so keep an eye out for that being shared during the day Saturday 🙂